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School Security Services in Minneapolis

Every school deserves the highest quality of professional security services to ensure every student and faculty member feels as safe as possible. At Securida, we help local schools in Minneapolis and surrounding areas get the security solutions they need to achieve their educational goals and objectives!

  • Locally Owned & Operated Minneapolis Security Contractor
  • Highly Trained Armed & Unarmed Security Guards
  • Custom Security Strategies That Suit Your Needs
  • Free Estimates on All Security Services

Securida offers schools and universities an unparalleled level of specialized protection services tailored to meet the needs of each institution. From specially trained armed and unarmed security guards to mobile patrol services and after-hours surveillance, Securida has the resources and personnel to secure any school environment!

And we don’t just offer expert security services; Securida’s guards go above and beyond to make school staff, students, and visitors feel welcomed and protected. Contact us today for a free estimate on school security services!

Preventing School Security Threats Before They Arise

As school safety remains a pressing issue nationwide, more educational facilities are turning to school security contractors such as Securida for customized security solutions to protect their students, employees, and property. With years of commercial security experience throughout the Twin Cities, Securida offers a wide variety of strategies, tactics, and procedures to upgrade any educational institute's safety and integrity instantly.

Let us help your school:

  • Maintain a professional, authoritative, and engaging presence
  • Identify and address any potential security risks
  • Observe student behavior and intervene when necessary
  • Consult with teachers and staff on addressing security concerns
  • Establishing emphasized security perimeters inside and outside of school
  • Implementing proper protocol and policies in emergencies
  • Being in liaison with local law enforcement during escalating scenarios

Our goal is to offer every school we work with an unprecedented level of customer service and security support, allowing for an easy transition into a safer learning environment without interfering with daily operations.

Custom School Security Solutions & Strategies

At Securida, our commitment to all our clients is to provide customized security solutions tailored to each school’s needs. These strategies are developed by highly trained and certified security professionals who will balance the nuances of local laws and regulations with solutions that apply to your immediate security concerns.

We’ll work directly with you to establish a successful security protocol to incorporate the following security solutions.

Develop Security Plans & Protocols

The worst thing any school can do is not be prepared for any possible emergency scenarios or security threats. Our team of school security specialists will help put in place specific plans and protocols to provide guidance and order when any significant security issues arise.

Collaborate With School Administration & Faculty

Maintaining a respectful, engaging relationship with faculty and staff is imperative to providing a safer learning environment. When implementing our security strategy, we’ll collaborate with teachers and administrative officials to consider their concerns or observations.

Identify Potential Security Vulnerabilities

Our team will assess your premises and evaluate your facilities to identify specific areas of concern regarding security vulnerabilities. The more aware we are of signs of security inefficiencies, the more we can prevent them from coming to fruition.

Ensure Compliance With Policies & Procedures

Once we’ve implemented our custom security strategy in your school, we will ensure compliance with all approved policies and procedures, specializing in de-escalation tactics when confronted with disruptive or illicit behavior.

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