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Superior Security Services in Minneapolis

Protective surveillance. Property patrol. Event personnel. No matter your commercial security needs, Securida covers you and your business! With unmatched experience, training, and customer service, our team can do whatever it takes to provide superior security protection.

  • Custom Security Strategies Suited to Your Industry
  • 24/7 Security Protection & Surveillance
  • Commercial Security Experience
  • Free Quotes for Security Services
Unarmed Security

Unarmed Security

At Securida, we understand the need for businesses to provide a secure and safe environment without creating an intimidating atmosphere. That's why our unarmed security guard services are an ideal solution for businesses looking to maintain their security protocols without relying on armed guards.

Armed Security

Armed Security

Investing in the security of your business is essential. Securida recognizes this and provides armed security services to ensure that commercial properties and premises are kept safe for everyone, offering businesses more peace of mind.

Patrol Services

Patrol Services

Our professional patrol services provide round-the-clock surveillance, ensuring the safety and security of your business day or night. From foot patrols to 24/7 monitoring, our patrol services are designed to upgrade your property’s security long after everyone has clocked out for the day.


Security Services That Protect Twin Cities Communities

Protecting local businesses isn’t just our job at Securida; It’s our purpose. We’re committed to strengthening Twin Cities communities by giving local businesses the security they need to thrive in their neighborhoods.

Our custom security solutions adhere to all your specific goals and objectives:

  • In-person or on-site security personnel
  • One-on-one security consultations
  • Armed or unarmed security teams
  • Advanced surveillance equipment and resources
  • 24/7 mobile patrol services
  • Temporary or long-term security assistance
  • Loss prevention solutions and problem-solving

Interested in learning how custom security solutions can defend your business from unforeseen complications? Check out our sectors to see how we specialize in security services suited to your industry!

Armed vs. Unarmed Security: What’s Best for Your Business?

The level of security you choose to protect your business or event varies based on your specific security needs. At Securida, we can provide armed or unarmed security personnel, depending on what policies and protocols you wish to enforce on the premises.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the qualities and specialties attributed to each type of service:

Armed vs Unarmed Security Guard Infographic

When it comes down to it, choosing which type of security personnel to protect your business weighs on sending the right message to your staff, customers, and visitors. Be sure to consult with our commercial security experts on what level of security is best suited for you!

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