Security Services Catered to Your Industry

Every business has unique needs when it comes to security; Even two companies in the same sector have different requirements and preferences. Securida works with local businesses in a range of industries to create safer environments for employees, customers, and guests. Let us help you create a personalized security plan tailored to your industry!

  • Custom Security Strategies That Suit Your Industry
  • Armed, Unarmed, & Mobile Patrol Security Services
  • 24/7 Security Protection & Surveillance
  • Commercial Security Experience

Why Choose Securida for Services in Your Sector?

With decades of security guard experience in the Twin Cities area, Securida offers a credible team of security professionals. Our staff maintains the highest security standards to provide top-notch protection for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Our security guards go above and beyond expectations to provide the highest quality security services, creating customized strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs, no matter what sector they operate in. When you choose Securida as your trusted Minneapolis security contractor, your business can take advantage of these benefits and more!

Vast Experience

We only hire trained security professionals, preferably with military or law enforcement backgrounds, who have the skills and qualifications necessary to abide by your company’s standards and image while ensuring a safer working environment for all who occupy your space.

Customized Security Strategies

Whether you require after-hours surveillance or a 24/7 on-site security presence, our security consultants provide custom solutions tailored to your security needs and requirements.

We also offer various security services ranging from armed security guards, unarmed guards , and mobile patrol services to help you find the right security presence for your workplace.

Professional Guards

Our security guards are equipped to handle security risks or threats properly, and that’s just the beginning of our services. They’re also trained to provide excellent customer service and staff support, working directly with your staff to preserve and maintain an accommodating, professional presence.

Every security team member undergoes an extensive background check and must pass a vast list of positional and appearance requirements that will preserve your company’s credibility and reputation.

Proactive Solutions

Our security personnel have the training and experience to think multiple steps ahead when confronting any potential or occurring security issues. With specialized de-escalation tactics, observational practices, and communication protocol, our distinct approach to security will keep your business one step ahead of any potential threats or disruptions to your operations.

Peace of Mind

The less you have to worry about the safety and security of your business, the more you can focus on all your other important tasks. At Securida, our business is protecting and preserving your business!

Your Trusted Minneapolis Security Guard Company

Ready to experience the satisfaction of superior security? Let Securida put all your security concerns and worries at ease! Contact us online to schedule a consultation with our commercial security specialists today and receive a free estimate.

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