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Construction Site Security Services in Minneapolis

With so much at stake on the site of any construction project, why wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to secure your construction site safely? At Securida, we provide professional security services so construction companies can minimize any risks that could jeopardize the progress or success of their projects!

  • Custom Security Strategies for Construction Companies
  • 24/7 Security Protection & On-Site Surveillance
  • Armed & Unarmed Security Guard Personnel
  • Mobile Patrol & After-Hours Security Services
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Guarding equipment, preventing vandalism, deterring trespassers; The list continues regarding how construction security officers can help ensure a safe and secure construction site. Learn how hiring a professional security contractor in Minneapolis can benefit your construction business: Contact us today for a free estimate on our security services!

Eliminate On-Site Risks With Patrol Security Services

As a construction company owner or project manager, you know it only takes just one minor setback to jeopardize the process or completion of your construction project. Our armed or unarmed security guards will watch your construction site whenever you need them to, whether providing on-site assistance during the day or patrolling the premises at night.

Securida guards detect and identify security risks before they arise, helping to prevent injuries and property damage that could delay your project deadline for weeks. As a locally owned and operated Minneapolis security contractor, overseeing another successful construction project that contributes to the communities we serve is what keeps us motivated!

Here are some specific construction-related security areas we specialize in:

  • Securing premises from trespassers or unauthorized visitors 
  • Safeguarding all on-site equipment or inventory 
  • Maintaining an authoritative presence that promotes safety 
  • Patrolling interior and exterior at night to prevent break-ins 
  • Respond to and resolving any immediate security threats
  • Communicate and collaborate with local authorities when necessary 

Our On-Site Security Process

Securida’s security solutions involve more than simply hiring someone to monitor your construction site. We approach our clients case-by-case, evaluating their security needs and providing customized strategies to achieve your goals and objectives.

Click to learn more about each stage of our construction site security process!

Security Assessment

Our team of experienced and trained security professionals will visit your construction site to perform an initial security assessment, providing you with our insight as to which specific security solutions will work best with your needs.

Financing Options

We understand that every client has restrictions or limitations when determining their security budget. We’ll work with you to establish a financial plan within your budget while providing you with a security strategy built for success.

Flexible Scheduling:

Every construction project needs to abide by different deadlines and scheduling. Whether you want on-site protection or after-hours patrol services, we’ll work around your schedule to ensure your job site is watched and cared for, no matter the time of day.

Commitment to Excellence

We take our reputation as a premier Twin Cities security contractor seriously, so we’ll do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations with our customer service. Whether it’s short-term solutions or long-term strategies, we’re here to help you complete your construction project in any way we can!

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