Hospital Security

Hospital Security Services in Minneapolis

In an environment as chaotic and sporadic as a hospital, you need professional security services that will go above and beyond to maintain a safe and secure facility. At Securida, we help hospitals receive the security solutions they need to keep them doing their best: providing exceptional care for all who enter!

  • Highly Trained & Experienced Security Guards
  • Custom Security Strategies Tailored to Your Industry
  • 24/7 Security Protection & Surveillance Services
  • Mobile Patrol & Parking Security Assistance
Hospital Equipment

The safety and security of the staff, patients, and visitors is a top priority for any hospital. When you choose Securida as your trusted security contractor, you can give your hospital facility or campus more peace of mind, knowing we’ve got things covered so your team can focus on saving lives.

If your hospital security could use an upgrade, get started with a free estimate on our security services!

Provide a Safer Environment for All Who Enter

Hospital workers face new daily obstacles and challenges that can make doing their job all the more difficult. The last thing your hospital staff or visitors should have to endure is dealing with any unforeseen security risks or threats that could interfere with daily operations or potentially put lives at risk.

At Securida, our armed or unarmed security guards are trained to identify and prevent security threats before they can escalate, providing your healthcare facility with several security advantages:

  • Keeping an eye out for any signs of suspicious activity 
  • Providing a reputable, authoritative presence to secure any floor or lobby 
  • Implementing proven de-escalation tactics to resolve unruly visitors or scenarios 
  • Patrolling parking lots or parking garages to maintain visitor safety
  • Taking action to subdue or remove trespassers when called upon
  • Contacting and cooperating with local law enforcement when necessary
  • Abiding by all hospital guidelines, standards, and protocols

Whether you need short-term solutions or long-term strategies, we’re here to help implement the necessary security solutions your hospital needs to keep it thriving!

How Securida Will Secure & Protect Your Hospital

At Securida, our security officers are far from ordinary people armed with security jackets and walkie-talkies; These are trained professionals who are highly skilled and experienced in de-escalating any conflict that interrupts or jeopardizes the operations of your facility.

We’ll work hard to exceed your expectations for security solutions and customer service, providing several safety benefits.

One-on-One Security Consultation

Working with Securida means receiving one-on-one guidance for implementing customized security strategies that suit your specific needs. We’ll assess your premises to evaluate potential security risks or concerns while delivering the solutions most applicable to your facility.

Thorough Security Guard Applicant Screening

In addition to having extensive military and law enforcement backgrounds, all Securida officers endure a rigorous applicant screening process to ensure the highest standards of professionalism and safety.

Preventative Methods & Tactics

Our methods and tactics focus on preventing threats or dangers before they materialize. Choose a security team that can handle any issues or situations calmly without interrupting your hospital's daily operations.

Added Trust & Credibility

An extra sense of trust and credibility comes with equipping your hospital with a team of security professionals. Your staff, patients, and visitors will feel calmer and stress-free knowing that an enthusiastic support team is present to have their backs.

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