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Hotel Security Services in Minneapolis

The safety and security of your hotel guests and staff is imperative to creating an inviting, gratifying environment for all who enter. At Securida, we help hotels around the Twin Cities get the professional security services they need to flourish and protect their premises!

  • Custom Security Strategies That Suit Your Property 
  • Specially Trained & Experienced Security Personnel
  • Locally Owned & Operated Minneapolis Security Contractor
  • Free Estimates on All Security Services
Hotel Lobby

Feeling unsafe in any environment, let alone one created for hospitality, is an experience that must be corrected. Every hotel has distinct security needs, so Securida offers one-on-one security consultation to assess your hotel’s specific concerns and risks, giving you the solutions necessary to implement a protective presence around your property.

Consult with our security specialists today and get a free estimate on our services!

Hotel Security Officers You Can Depend On

You never know when a security issue or threat will come to light in any hotel setting. But the important thing is that when any risk does come to fruition, your hotel has the tools to handle or resolve any scenario. Our armed and unarmed security guards have in-depth training to sort out and de-escalate any causes of concern that could take place in your hotel.

Our security services for hotels include:

  • Keeping an eye out for trespassers and escorting them off property
  • Intervening with any unruly or disruptive guests or visitors
  • Detecting any unusual or suspicious behavior
  • Preventing any disturbances or interference before it escalates
  • Restraining and removing disorderly or violent patrons when necessary
  • Implementing appropriate emergency protocol in any life-threatening scenarios
  • Contacting and collaborating with local authorities when called upon

From the hotel lobby to the parking garage, there are so many areas in every hotel that need ample security and surveillance coverage. Our hotel security officers are seasoned commercial security veterans who you can trust to maintain an orderly and hospitable environment while abiding by all your expectations and standards!

Superior Security Coverage for Every Corner of Your Hotel

With so much hustle and bustle going on throughout your hotel, it can seem nearly impossible to keep track of all the comings and goings around the exterior and interior of your premises. At Securida, we provide our clients with customized security strategies that develop a game plan to protect every corner of your hotel.

Our hotel security officers can provide expansive security coverage throughout your facilities. Learn more about our areas of emphasis.

Front Lobby

The front lobby of any hotel is the area that requires the most range and surveillance. Our security team will be able to promptly greet guests while observing any indications of trespassing or suspicious behavior, promptly taking care of any issues before they have a chance to escalate.

Bars & Restaurants

Any hotel bar or restaurant will inevitably experience some semblance of unruly behavior. When such problems arise, our security guards will implement the proper training to handle any disruptive situation without concerning other guests or customers and without embarrassing any patrons.

Parking Garages

Nothing hinders a hospitality experience like having your car broken into or vandalized. Our mobile patrol services will be able to provide security detail to your parking garage or lot during any hours of the day and night.

Exterior & Interior

Our job is to completely secure all exteriors and interiors to ensure the safest living and working environment possible, whether handling a noise complaint in a luxury suite or taking care of any attempts to disrupt valet services out front.

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