Patrol Services

Patrol Services in Minneapolis

Nothing brings you more peace of mind than having trusted professionals watch your business after hours. At Securida, our vehicle patrol services will ensure your property or premises will be secure and protected long after you’ve clocked out for the day!

  • Specially Trained & Experienced Patrol Guards
  • After-Hours Security & Surveillance Services
  • Parking Lot & Parking Garage Security
  • Vehicle Patrol Presence to Deter Crime & Trespassers
Securida Patrol Services Minneapolis

As a Minneapolis business owner, you don’t have all the time to look after your workplace. That’s where Securida comes in, providing customized security services to ensure your property remains protected, no matter the time of day. From 24/7 surveillance teams to late-night foot patrol, our patrol services do whatever it takes to maintain your business's safety and security.

Vehicle Patrol That’s Always On the Lookout

Crime never sleeps. The reality of owning a business in a significant metro central area is that you never know when unforeseen circumstances will disrupt your daily operations. Securida strives to keep our fellow Twin Cities businesses as safeguarded as possible by providing round-the-clock vehicle patrol services customized to suit your surveillance needs.

By taking advantage of our security services, our vehicle patrol team can keep a watchful eye on your premises and maintain a preventative presence in all of the following ways:

  • Provide after-hours business and wellness checks
  • Establish property patrol routes and provide nightly security reports
  • Assign armed or unarmed security officers for patrol
  • Provide parking lot and parking garage patrol services
  • Conduct 24/7 surveillance and set up emergency response procedures
  • Work with extensively trained and certified security professionals

The biggest regret you can make as a business owner is failing to protect your commercial investment. Our patrol services allow you to sleep soundly at night, knowing you have a trusted ally to watch over your property.

Parking Lot & Parking Garage Security in the Twin Citie

Enhance the security of your parking lot or parking garage by deterring break-ins, property damage, and potential assaults. Our dedicated security guards will maintain vigilant surveillance to identify and deter any suspicious activities.

Customized Security Patrol Tailored to Your Business

At Securida, we believe every security detail or project we take on is a specialized case with unique objectives and goals. That’s why we consult with all our clients to develop a customized security strategy that aligns with your specific security or surveillance needs.

We’ll tailor vehicle patrol services to your exact specifications! Which of the following procedures are most important to you?

Establish an Authoritative Presence

More often than not, all it takes to deter criminals and trespassers from your premises is an apparent and conspicuous security presence.

Implement Surveillance Perimeters

Do you want vehicle fleets to remain out in the open or incognito? We can establish security perimeters best suited for superior surveillance and provide intervention when necessary.

Correspond With Local Authorities

Our vehicle patrol officers are trained to de-escalate any security risks or threats before they intensify. However, they are adequately trained to communicate, correspond, and collaborate with local law enforcement if further security assistance is needed.

Consult With Security Experts

With 30-plus years of commercial security experience, we’ve learned a thing or two about implementing the best security practices and protocols to minimize various threats or risks. Our patrol officers will consult you on what security strategies will best suit your needs and objectives.

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