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Mall Security Services in Minneapolis

Malls have unique security needs. Every shopping complex needs reliable, professional security guards to be visible and watch out for theft, vandalism, and other threats. Securida is the perfect mall security contractor for those needs, offering 30-plus years of expertise in providing exceptional security services to malls throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

  • Specially Trained & Experienced Mall Security Guards
  • Mobile Patrol & After-Hours Security Services
  • 24/7 Security Protection & Surveillance Options
  • Free Estimates on All Security Services

At Securida, we understand that no two malls are alike, as each has unique challenges when providing a safe shopping environment. That’s why we tailor our security services to meet your specific requirements, offering highly trained armed or unarmed security guards you can trust to act quickly and competently in any situation.

Contact Securida today to schedule a one-on-one security consultation with our mall security strategists!

Mall Security Officers Trained to Make a Difference

We understand that you want your mall to be a safe, pleasant place for customers and employees. That’s why we provide our clients with the most highly trained security officers in their field, boasting decades of experience protecting businesses, property, staff, and clientele.

Our mall security officers look out for and take action with any of the following security concerns:

  • Detecting any signs of suspicious activity or behavior 
  • Maintaining an authoritative presence throughout your premises 
  • Providing exceptional customer service and support for staff 
  • De-escalating any illicit behavior or activity before it progresses
  • Patrolling your parking lot or garage with mobile patrol services 
  • Engaging in restraining tactics or physical intervention only when necessary
  • Corresponding and cooperating with local law enforcement when forced to 
  • Adhering to all your mall protocol, policies, standards, and expectations

Friendly, professional, visible, and active; those traits and more are what you can expect to experience when you choose to work with our mall security officers to protect your property!

Why Trust Securida for All Your Mall Security Needs?

The quickest way to tarnish your mall’s reputation is by failing to respond efficiently to any safety or security concerns. Our mission at Securida is to do whatever it takes to uphold your reputation as a safe and inviting place for people of all ages to shop and experience all the exciting stores and events your mall offers.

Choose Securida as your trusted mall security contractor to take advantage of these benefits!

Enhanced Trust & Credibility

Nothing makes a mall more trustworthy and credible than having the right security personnel! When shoppers and staff can see and interact with our experienced mall security officers, they’ll feel more relaxed and confident to be their best version while spending time at your mall.

Prepared For Anything

You hope you’ll never have to deal with any significant security risks or threats at your mall, but if one does arise, you’ll be thankful you’re prepared for it. Our custom security solutions will establish an official security protocol to help maintain order and safety in times of need.

Short-Term or Long-Term Solutions

Looking to beef up security for a particular event or season? Want to revamp your mall’s security presence completely?

We’re here to offer you the short- or long-term security solutions your mall needs to thrive!

Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, the feeling of having total peace of mind about the security and safety of your mall is priceless. Our security services will help you focus on all your other managerial tasks!

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