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Industrial Security Services in Minneapolis

For many industrial and manufacturing companies, there’s an endless list of security risks, threats, and scenarios to watch out for that could quickly interfere with or derail progress. At Securida, we help industrial companies get the professional security services they need to maintain a safe, secure, and prosperous work environment!

  • Specially Trained & Certified Security Guards
  • On-Site & After-Hours Security Services
  • Mobile Patrol & Parking Garage Surveillance 
  • Free Estimates on All Security Services

With plenty of commercial security experience to our name, Securida is the Minneapolis security contractor your industrial company needs to preserve its integrity, progression, and reputation. What kind of protective presence do you want to implement into your current operations?

Whether it’s armed security officers, unarmed guards, or mobile patrol services, Securida has the team to instantly upgrade your security measures and create a safer workplace for everyone!

Prevent Risks or Threats Before Materializing

Every industrial or manufacturing company knows it doesn’t take much to disrupt the ebb and flow of your company. All it takes to fall behind production or miss a deadline is experiencing one significant breach in security that proper protocol or presence could’ve prevented.

At Securida, our team of security specialists trains on how to detect security threats and risks before they can materialize. With adequate security defending your building, you’ll have more time to focus on keeping your business on track with its commitments, goals, and expectations.

Avoid the following issues with our expert security solutions:

  • Theft of equipment or inventory
  • Unwanted intruders or trespassers
  • Property damage or vandalism
  • Activist intrusion or disruption
  • In-person disruption or called-in threats
  • In-house disputes or employee turmoil

Protecting your property, assets, employees, and visitors is one of your biggest priorities. We’ll be sure to put the proper security policies, procedures, and plans in place to ensure a safer and more secure workplace where everyone feels comfortable being their best!

Check out our reviews to see just how committed we are to providing our clients with exceptional customer service.

Trust Securida With All Your Industrial Security Needs!

Looking to have more peace of mind when it comes to knowing your industrial or manufacturing company is in good hands, even after everyone has clocked out for the day? Contact Securida today to consult with our team on customized security strategies and receive a free estimate on any of our security services!

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