Armed Security

Armed Security Services in Minneapolis

Protecting your business is a priceless investment. At Securida, we offer armed security services that will provide your commercial property or premises with an authoritative, protective presence that, in turn, will create a safer environment for everyone.

  • Trained, Certified, & Experienced Armed Security Guards
  • Guards Equipped With Tactical Duty Belts
  • Law Enforcement & Military Backgrounds
  • Instructed Only to Use Force When Necessary
Securida Armed Security Guard in Minneapolis

With extensive military and law enforcement backgrounds, our armed security guards are our team's most trained and experienced personnel. They are held to the highest of standards, not just representing the core values and expectations of Securida but going above and beyond to uphold your company’s reputation and standing within the community.

If you’re interested in hiring armed security guards to protect your business or event, contact our team today and receive a free estimate on our security services!

Trained to Handle, Protect, & Secure Any Situation

Having armed security services can be a vital investment to minimize risks or threats and ensure a safer environment for everyone present. Depending on the kind of business you manage or the event you’re hosting, you may need multiple guards or just one or two.

Armed security staff at Securida are trained and equipped to take action:

  • Conduct thorough risk assessments to identify potential security threats
  • Apply appropriate security solutions to mitigate risks
  • De-escalate tense or hostile situations and apply force only when necessary
  • Utilize tactical duty belt if the situation calls for it
  • Armed with handcuffs, mase, baton, and taser
  • Establish a more authoritative, imposing presence
  • Abide by all of your company’s protocol standards and requirements
  • Contact, cooperate, and collaborate with local law enforcement

Securida’s armed security guards undergo extensive background checks and thorough training to ensure they’re more than capable of handling all of your security needs. We only hire the best when protecting and defending your business!

Why Trust Securida for Armed Security Guards?

As a locally owned and operated security guard company in the heart of Minneapolis, we take pride in providing protective services to all our Twin Cities clients. To uphold our reputation as a premier security contractor servicing Minneapolis and surrounding areas, our armed security guards must adhere to the highest standards to preserve our integrity and credibility.

Here’s what you can expect from working with Securida for all your commercial security needs.

Extensive Security Training

To be a member of our armed security guard team takes commitment and determination. We extensively train each officer to be skilled and experienced in detecting and handling various potential security threats and scenarios.

If the time arises, a Securida officer is ready to safely and securely minimize and mitigate any dangers or risks.

Highest Qualifications

We prioritize security guard applicants with military and law enforcement backgrounds and ensure that all our armed security guard personnel are current with the latest security training and certification requirements.

Thorough Recruiting Process

At Securida, we don’t hire just anyone who walks through our door. We recruit and accept only the most qualified applicants with an exceptional knack for assessing and de-escalating security threats. We ensure they inhibit supreme judgment and communication skills to thrive at their jobs.

Emphasis on Community

Securida prioritizes local security guards who are more familiar with the areas they serve and protect. This helps create a safer community for everyone around them.

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