Commercial Security

Commercial Security Services in Minneapolis

As a business owner, you want your workplace to operate as smoothly as possible. At Securida, our commercial security services help maintain a safe and secure environment, so you and your staff can focus on working together to make your business thrive.

  • Specially Trained & Experienced Security Personnel
  • Custom Security Strategies That Suit Your Industry
  • Mobile Patrol & After-Hours Security Services
  • Free Estimates on All Security Services

Many business owners tend to put off upgrading security protocols until it’s too late. Whether establishing a protective presence on-site or performing after-hours patrol services to keep an eye on your premises, we can tailor security guard services to suit your needs.

For professional office security services in the Twin Cities or surrounding areas, take advantage of a free estimate on our commercial security services!

We Offer Commercial Security For Numerous Facilities Including

Maintaining a Safe & Secure Working Environment

You never know what you might eventually come across when you live or work in a central metropolitan area. That’s why being prepared for anything should be the focus of your security strategy, no matter what sector you’re in.

Our highly trained and experienced security guards will be sure to protect your premises by implementing all of the following safety protocols:

  • Emphasized focus on early risk detection and prevention
  • De-escalate tense situations and transport threats away from premises
  • Provide support and guidance to staff, customers, or the public
  • Only assert themselves or use force when necessary
  • Communicate and collaborate with local law enforcement when called upon
  • Maintain a professional appearance and calming presence

Armed security guards , unarmed security personnel , mobile patrol services; whatever type of security presence you’re looking to implement into your workplace, Securida has the suitable options for you that will be sure to fit your budget and branding needs!

What Securida Brings to the Table

Unmatched experience, training, and customer service separate Securida from the rest of the competition. When you consult with our commercial security specialists, we’ll assess your security needs and provide a specially tailored strategy for protecting your working environment.

By choosing Securida as your commercial security contractor, you can expect to experience the following advantages!

Custom Security Solutions

Not all workplaces are the same, so our team of security professionals will evaluate your premises or property and present you with a customized security strategy to prevent specific risks related to your location, industry, and clientele.

Vast Security Experience

At Securida, we boast more than 30 years of combined commercial security experience in the Twin Cities. Our security guard personnel stem from various military or law enforcement backgrounds, so you can rest assured that your property will be in good hands.

Highest of Hiring Standards

All of our armed and unarmed security guards have undergone extensive background checks and endured a rigorous application process to ensure that they meet the levels of professionalism that our clients expect and need.

Locally Owned & Operated

As a locally owned and operated business in the heart of South Minneapolis, we take pride in helping protect our fellow Twin Cities business owners and event coordinators to maintain an environment as safe and secure as possible.

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