The Benefits of Unarmed Security for Schools & Educational Institutions

The Benefits of Unarmed Security for Schools & Educational Institutions

The topic of school safety is widely discussed by parents, teachers, and professionals, particularly because of recent events.

Keeping kids, teachers, and administrators safe while in school is of utmost importance, and many discussions happen around the best way to do so. Bringing in unarmed security guards into schools and educational facilities can help. Adding an extra layer of vigilance and safety can help deter potential threats of violence. 

But unarmed security can do more than that. Securida explains the benefits of unarmed security for schools and universities so you can understand and help implement changes to your school. 

Promotes Positive Learning Environments

Unarmed security guards can help promote positive learning environments by acting as friendly faces to students and teachers alike. Students and teachers may feel more comfortable with unarmed guards at school doors and in hallways, which allows them to focus on learning.

Because of the differences between armed and unarmed guards, the armed guards may not provide a comfortable atmosphere. They may cause nervousness among the school inhabitants, distracting them from their studies. 

Prevents Escalation of Violence

In a tense situation, having someone trained in conflict resolution and de-escalation techniques is always a good idea. Fights between students happen, and an unarmed security guard can help de-escalate the situation and maintain order so that no one gets hurt. This helps prevent further violence from occurring. 

Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency, unarmed security guards are trained to do what they can to keep people safe and inform the proper authorities. This can include situations like a medical emergency, weather disasters, fires, etc. They will be the swift and effective responders in situations where others might panic and freeze. 


Unarmed security guards are generally a more cost-effective solution than armed guards, who require extensive training. Schools tend to have limited budgets, so that must be considered when choosing security options. 

Focuses on Prevention and Education

Most people don’t respond well to intimidating presences, which makes unarmed security guards a good addition to a school’s security plan. Unarmed guards can help prevent threats by monitoring and watching for potential threats while also educating students and administrators about safety protocols. 

Encourages Communication

Unarmed guards are approachable and helpful for students who may want to discuss an issue they don’t feel comfortable bringing to anyone else. This can help limit future problems by uncovering issues that exist before they escalate. Students are more likely to approach unarmed guards, which also helps build a community feel in the school.

Schedule a Consultation with Securida for Your School or University

Along with the many benefits of unarmed guards, proper training and procedures are essential. If your school or university needs better safety strategies, contact Securida!

We’re your local Minneapolis security company dedicated to improving safety amongst schools and other sectors. We provide free quotes for all security services and can provide up to 24/7 security protection and surveillance. 

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