How Unarmed Security Guards Maintain Safety & Order

How Unarmed Security Guards Maintain Safety & Order

If you are a business or facility owner, you may have considered hiring an unarmed security team. Maybe you’ve had incidents happen already, or perhaps you’re worried that something might happen in the future. Either way, hiring unarmed security guards is a good idea for many types of facilities.

Securida takes security seriously. Operating around the Twin Cities, Securida unarmed guards can perform many functions, but their primary purpose is to help maintain safety and order, particularly during an incident or emergency. Let’s look further into how unarmed security guards can add some much-needed peace of mind to your facility.

What are Unarmed Security Guards?

Unarmed security guards are trained to uphold all your security standards and protocols without being too intimidating for your staff or customers. In other words, they do not carry firearms.

Not all environments require armed guards, but they may still need a level of security. Securida helps provide custom security solutions to your facility with trained and experienced unarmed guards.

Understanding the Duties and Responsibilities of Unarmed Security Guards

The main purpose of unarmed security guards is to maintain the peace and order of a facility. They act as moderating, calming, and authoritative figures. Their mere presence can help discourage or prevent suspicious activity. But there are some specific duties and responsibilities of unarmed security guards that benefit your facility.

All of Securida’s unarmed guards are trained to perform the following duties:

  • Maintain a company’s reputation by enforcing legal compliance

  • Respond immediately to any distress calls, panic alarms, and emergency situations

  • Provide CPR or first aid when necessary

  • Be visible, engaging, and observant at all times

Unarmed guards can give you peace of mind that there is someone watching over your facility and its occupants. There are many instances where an unarmed guard has helped calm and de-escalate a situation.

What is so important about de-escalating dangerous situations? Let’s take a look.

The Importance of De-Escalation Techniques for Unarmed Security Guards

Whether the situation is between two people who live or work in your building or a suspicious person, an unarmed security guard should be able to de-escalate the situation. This means the guards must be trained in conflict resolution to be effective. De-escalation is important for many reasons– including keeping a situation from becoming dangerous and harmful.

Common De-Escalation Techniques

Treating individuals with humanity and compassion is the most important de-escalation technique. But there are many others that help reduce the pressure of a situation that could escalate into something dangerous. Other techniques include:

  • Being empathetic and nonjudgemental

  • Respect personal space

  • Use non-threatening nonverbals

  • Focus on feelings

  • Ignore challenging questions

  • Set limits

  • Allow silence for reflection

  • Allow time for decisions

As you can see, most of the techniques involve treating the individuals involved in a situation with respect. These techniques are important for many reasons, such as:

Ensure Workplace Safety

Sometimes, tension can erupt between individuals in a workplace and can lead to violence. A trained, unarmed security guard can recognize if this situation is brewing and can help prevent it or can mitigate the situation by being present.

Promote Resilience

De-escalation training boosts security in the facility or workplace, and employees may feel safer and more confident.

Save Lives

You never know when a violent interaction might erupt, so having someone on hand to help can save the lives of those involved.

Manage Problems Calmly

De-escalation teaches guards to watch for signs that a situation is going to get worse while keeping others calm. They can minimize potential damages or physical injury.

Protect Your Facility With Unarmed Guards From Securida

Securida is a locally-owned company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We take pride in helping other Twin Cities businesses get the security solutions they need in order to thrive in their communities. You can expect the highest standards, experience, attention to detail, and the mediating presence of our unarmed security guards.

If you want more information about a customized security solution for your facility, give us a call at 612-444-3308 or send us a message through our website.


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