Must-Haves for Minnesota Manufacturing & Warehousing Security

Must-Haves for Minnesota Manufacturing & Warehousing Security

Manufacturing and warehouse facilities require essential security. Both types of buildings can be dangerous for those untrained in safety regulations, and both contain valuable company assets. Many manufacturing and warehouse facilities have heavy machinery, forklifts, scissors lifts, etc., that can be dangerous if someone were to toy with them. That’s why a robust security system can help protect your employees, assets, and prevent liability problems. 

Let’s look at some essential security measures for manufacturing and warehouse facilities. 

Fencing and Gates

Surrounding your property with perimeter fencing and gates is a great way to help deter unauthorized access. With gates guarded by stationary security guards, you can maintain control over who enters and exits your facility. The security guards will come to know the regular employees, so when an unauthorized person tries to access the site, the guards can stop and question them. 

In addition, you can use electronic gate access points, which require an ID badge or numerical code to open. Your employees will have access to these gates while others cannot. However, one potential security problem is that people could tailgate into the property behind someone who is supposed to be there. This is one reason the addition of a security guard is a good idea. 

Surveillance Systems

Another layer of security and protection you can add to your facility is a surveillance system. CCTV cameras deploy high-resolution cameras covering all entry and exit points, loading docks, and key interior areas. With a trained guard monitoring the cameras, they can watch for suspicious activity. 

In addition, remote monitoring can allow for real-time monitoring to keep an eye on the facility from off-site. These kinds of systems are great for monitoring facilities off-hours or if you are away from the facility for an extended period. It can also allow trained guards in other locations to carefully monitor your facility. 

Security Patrols

Security patrols are another great asset for manufacturing and warehouse facilities. These trained security guards can patrol the interior and exterior of your property, watching for suspicious activity. They are also mobile enough to respond to emergencies should a medical incident or security breach occur. In addition to patrols working during regular business hours, they can also patrol after-hours or monitor the facility remotely with security cameras. They can help monitor parking lots and garages for unauthorized access as well. 

Security patrols are a great deterrent for potential criminal activity, as they are a constant and authoritative presence. By working closely with your security patrol officers, you can ensure your facility is safe and secure. 

Armed Security

Depending on where your facility is located and what kind of materials you have on-site, armed security guards are a great way to help protect your facility and increase security measures. Armed security guards are well-trained, and most have many years of experience as guards, police officers, or in military training. While they do carry weapons, they are instructed to use force only when absolutely necessary. 

In addition, armed security can help your business with: 

  • Security risk assessments
  • De-escalate tense or hostile situations
  • Utilize tactical gear if necessary
  • Collaborate and cooperate with local law enforcement
  • Abide by your company’s standards and protocols

Armed security officers are perfect for protecting highly valuable or dangerous assets that manufacturing facilities and warehouses might store or own. They can help reduce criminal activity and provide a protective presence for your employees and facility. 

Ramp Up Your Facility’s Security with Securida

No matter what kind of security needs you have at your facility, Securida can help. We are your local Twin Cities security company, with highly-trained security guards ready to protect your business. We have over 30 years of commercial security experience and have helped many businesses in the Twin Cities with their security needs. We will provide one-on-one security consultations and provide an assessment of your facility’s security needs. With our help, you can reduce criminal and suspicious activity around your facility and protect your employees. 

Give us a call today at 612-444-3308 or request a free estimate online!



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