Twin Cities Security Patrols for Retail Businesses: Preventing Theft & Vandalism

Twin Cities Security Patrols for Retail Businesses: Preventing Theft & Vandalism

Retail business owners know all too well the frustrations of theft and vandalism in their stores. No matter the size of the store, there are always individuals who seek to commit crimes, either through stealing merchandise, causing damage to the store, or vandalizing the interior or exterior of the store. 

You may be asking yourself, “How can I protect my business?”

Securida, your Twin Cities security company, understands your frustrations. We believe that hiring a security patrol is one way to help deter theft and vandalism in retail stores. 

Security patrols offer many benefits to businesses and are effective at deterring crime. 

Key Responsibilities of Security Patrols in Retail Environments

Security patrols play a key role in preventing crime in retail environments. They have several responsibilities, which can include: 

  • Patrolling the premises

  • Identifying potential criminals

  • Responding to emergencies

  • Detecting shoplifting activities

  • Investigating disturbances

  • Handling disruptive situations

If you imagine yourself or your store managers handling all those responsibilities, you may feel overwhelmed. That’s why a security patrol can help take some of these off your shoulders and allow you to focus on running your business. 

How Retail Security Patrols Effectively Deter Theft & Vandalism

Retail security patrols are great for deterring theft and vandalism. Their primary skill is not really a skill–security patrols are a visible law enforcement presence at your store, which can deter most potential criminals from acting out. 

Security patrols are also vigilant, which means they’re looking for potential crime while your employees are focused on doing their jobs. The extra eyes on the store can help detect and stop a crime from being committed. 

They can respond to incidents and help with communication, customer service, and emergency response. 

Essential Training & Skills for Retail Security Officers

Retail security officers need certain skills to perform their job functions effectively. Some skills are obvious, like physical fitness and strong observational skills. 

Other skills retail security officers need include:

  • Alertness and attentiveness

  • Honest and trustworthy

  • Communication and confidence

  • Able to follow and give commands

  • Specific security officer training

Securida’s security officers are specially trained and experienced to handle all problems that can arise in a retail setting. Many of them have military or law enforcement backgrounds, which aids in their effectiveness. 

When you choose a security patrol for your retail business, ensure you are able to review the officers’ credentials. 

How the Presence of Security Patrols Enhances Customer Experience in Retail Stores

Security patrols are capable of enhancing the customer experience. With visible security, customers feel safer and more at ease while they shop in your store. They believe they are protected should something happen, or at least there will be a response should someone attempt to commit a crime. 

Customers like seeing visible security guards or patrols, just as office workers appreciate having security officers in their buildings. Security is a sign of trust and proof that the business owner cares about their store’s environment and safety. 

How Retail Businesses & Security Patrols Can Collaborate to Create a Safe Shopping Environment

The best way to help protect your retail business is by keeping open communication and collaboration between yourself and the security officers. When both parties work together, your retail store will be more protected, and your customer service will improve. 

Instructing your employees to communicate any problems or suspicions to the security patrol means you have even more eyes watching for potential problems and crimes. The security patrol can intervene if necessary and stop the crime. 

Protect Your Twin Cities Retail Business With Security Patrols 

Securida is a locally owned and operated security company in the Twin Cities area. We provide essential security services for retail businesses by helping deter theft, vandalism, and other crimes. Our staff can provide assistance with creating and implementing a security plan for your business, which can include armed security, unarmed security, or patrols. 

To speak to a security consultant at Securida, give us a call at 612-444-3308. You can also request a free estimate online


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